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Discover the Savoyard Bistronomy in Annecy


Discover our Rotisserie Restaurant in Annecy



After L'Incandescent located a few steps away, Chef Grégory Beauquis and his wife Marie Beauquis take you on a new culinary journey in their second restaurant: Le Carrousel Du 15 .

Discover the Savoyard bistronomy , in the heart of the old town of Annecy.

Come and taste a revisited cuisine of our grandmothers, with products from our mountains. And let yourself be transported into our carousel of flavors...


The Carrousel is a tribute to the famous Annecy carousel, the Carrousel Dufaux , where tradition and conviviality are expressed as in our restaurant!

The 15 is a little nod to our address, at 15 Faubourg Sainte-Claire .

From Monday to Sunday

Discover a varied menu highlighting Haute-Savoie and the products of our beautiful mountains! We wanted to highlight our grandmothers' cooking, in our own way, with fresh and local products like...

Bistro-style cuisine with fresh produce makes all the difference!

Our menu is renewed each season and every lunchtime, from Monday to Friday , the chef concocts a homemade dish of the day for you!

We offer Savoie wines on the menu such Mondeuse, Pinot or Gamay which are the pride of our region. We also use them to make sauces, candied onions and simmering meat dishes.

Our Savoy wines from Maison Perrier

The Closette goat farm is located in the Thônes valley, near Annecy. Stéphane makes the fresh goat cheese that we offer in the restaurant, and which can be worked differently.

Fresh goat’s cheese from Chèvrerie de la Closette in Thônes

Fresh, quality products

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